2nd International Congress on Energy security
Energy Security, the great challenge of the 21st century

Energy security has become a major concern for all States. Growing global energy needs, geopolitical risks, the energy mix, the challenges of climate change, among others, are all factors that encourage states, international organizations, companies, etc. to define sustainable strategies.

The energy mix and energy policies differ from one State to another: energies including oil and gas, coal, nuclear and renewable energy are as many resources used and developed by countries for economic imperatives.

Building on the success of the 1st International Congress on Energy Security, which was held in April 2012 in Geneva, the organizers plans to create on the second edition of the Congress, which will take place on 2023 in Algiers, an international forum for discussion and exchanges.

On the sidelines of the Congress will take place, an International Exhibition on Energy Security, including Oil, Gas, Electricity, Renewable Energies, Smart Energy….

• Geopolitics of energy and security of energy supply
• Energy Security and Economic Development
• Energy savings and energy efficiency
• The world facing the challenges of climate change

International Conference Center – CIC – Algiers


4>5 April 2012 -Geneva -Switzerland

International Congress on Energy Security

International Congress Center, Geneva (CICG), 4 – 5 April 2012
1st Edition of the Congress on Energy Security:

For two days, this top-level meeting was a forum for international experts, decision makers, representatives of governmental bodies and professionals from the energy sector. They debated on key strategic subjects such as the geopolitical aspects of energy, oil and gas resources, the future of nuclear energy, climate change and renewable energies. Technological innovations were not forgotten in view of their contribution to the emergence of a sustainable energy security model.
The congress was an opportunity to give a new vision of the future for energy and to find innovative and sustainable solutions.
As the world develops, there is more and more pressure on energy demands. The themes approached during the congress covered subjects closely connected to energy security in its broadest sense – and first and foremost a safe supply of energy, which remains our main concern, in particular in the coming years. Several million people do not have access to energy.
How we can stimulate sustainable worldwide economic growth to ensure a safe supply of energy for the new millennium is the issue the international experts attempted to elucidate, whilst exchanging their points of view which were both rich and varied.

More than 250 delegates from 25 countries
Official opening ceremony chaired by Mr. Tokayev- Director General of ONUG

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