Keynote speeches

Dr. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev
Director General, United Nations
Office at Geneva

Mrs. Gabrielle Marceau
Counsellor in the Legal Affairs
Division – WTO and Associate Professor – Geneva University

Mr. Jean-Christophe Füeg
Head of International Energy
affairs, Federal Office of Energy (OFEN)

Pr. Osamu Motojima
Director General,
ITER Organization

Ms. Valérie Cerda
Head of the Energy department
City of Geneva/em>

Moderators Speakers


From bioclimatic emergency to the dreams of tomorrow

What futures will our world have to face up to ? Will the risks generated by climatic warming, by the worldwide economic crisis and by our sometimes careless manipulation of technologies involve major upheavals in the years, the decades and centuries ahead? What are the ethical, societal and technological revolutions that could set up an entirely new deal, thus shaping a new era and disproving the most pessimistic predictions ?

Aiming to be a transcription of the recent scientific and economic reports of IPCC, UNO and WHO, Terres d’Avenir endeavors to make the stakes of this century understood by its visitors thanks to the latest CGI techniques allowing a visual trip into the futures ahead. First dealing with the various degrees of impact the current crises could have on our planet, the exhibition, in a resolutely optimistic second part, tackles the concrete solutions at hand, betting on a world where Homo Sapiens would live in symbiosis with its planet. A world in which the rebellion of consciences would have revolutionized our way to think, with ethics as a basis for development.

A hopeful scenario, made plausible by the latest discoveries and by the more and more prevalent determination to rethink our way of life as well as to use the current crisis to help shape a new vision of our societies. A world where imagination would once again feed our dreams and where these dreams – not special interests – would design tomorrow’s world.