Energy Geopolitics and Supply Security

– Global Energy Security: what are the possible scenarios for 2050?

– What are the prospects for conventional and unconventional Oil and Gas Resources?

– What are the energy supply issues in the world and in energy-dependent countries?

Energy Security and Economic Development

– How to guarantee a Sustainable Energy Future?

– Energy Security: a tool at the service of economic objectives

– What role do the various energies (oil & gas shale gas, green energy…) play in economic development?


Prospects for the Petrochemical Industry

– Developing the Petrochemical Industry: an Asset for Economic Development

– Refining and Petrochemicals Production: an ambitious integration industry – adaptation and modernization


Energy Savings, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energies

– New Global Data: Drivers of Change in the Energy Mix

– Energy Efficiency: a Factor in the Decrease in Energy Demand

– What are the strategic challenges of hydrogen in the energy transition?


Smart Energy and energy transition

– Digitalisation, a lever for a viable energy future

– Smart grids and security of energy supply through automated management of electricity production and communication

– Smart grids: towards the electrical networks of the future

– What is the impact of digital technologies on the energy demand and supply sectors?


The challenges of climate change in the World

– How to ensure the sustainability of Energy Supply while limiting Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

– How can Energy Security preserve the Environment?